Awesome Sunday!

What a great day yesterday at Graystone! We dedicated over 20 children at the Parent/Child dedication. I was amazed at all the babies! It’s exciting to see parents committing to raising their child in a Christian home. Graystone and parents have a tremendous opportunity given to us by God to teach our children. I’m thankful for the gift of children. We have a responsibility to be good role models, to pray for our children and guide them to become like Jesus.

I’m not a mom yet but I do have a niece and nephew. I love these two critters! Since the day they were born, I have prayed for their salvation. I’ve prayed for their parents that they have wisdom in raising them. But, I also have a responsibility by my actions to show them who Jesus is. We must never underestimate our children and what they learn from us. There is a reason why the Bible says to have child-like faith – children just get it. They don’t ask questions, they just believe.

When our staff was at our staff retreat a few weeks ago, a thought came up from one of the speakers. Can you imagine, the children of Graystone leading a revival in Loganville/Grayson, Georgia and many people coming to know Christ because of their impact? What an incredible thought! I’m praying for something big to happen in our children’s ministry. As a church, let’s cheer on Graystone Kids and their families!

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