One Step Closer

I think this week has been the week of preschool and kindergarten graduations. My little nephew graduated from kindergarten last night and we had a special celebration with him. The meal he requested to celebrate with was shrimp – I appreciate that about him!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly children grow? So many of our Graystone Kids will be going to the “Big School” next  year! I know parents are filled with joy and gratefulness and a little sadness as they watch their children grow up so fast.

Parenting has to be the most difficult but most rewarding job ever! It blows my mind to think about how each child is created different and each have their characteristics that make them special. What makes me even more amazed is that they are each created in God’s image. Wow! And, each milestone brings them a step closer to what God has created them to be. God has a purpose for your four or five-year old! Last night, at the graduation, the children responded with what they wanted to be when they grew up. Some said a police officer, a ballerina, zoo keeper and Spiderman! We all have hopes and dreams for children. However, as a parent, I pray that your greatest dream will be that your child loves Jesus with all their heart and learns to walk with him daily!

If your child will be entering kindergarten, register them for Sports Camp by clicking on the tab above! Also, make sure  you check back on this blog. We will have summer activities planned for our preschoolers this summer! It will be fun!

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