Class of 2017

I love our 5th graders at  Graystone. When I first came on board, I attached myself to them and it’s been a blast! I’m excited for them as they finished their last day of elementary school today. I know they are looking forward to summer and no school! But, a part of me wants to keep them little and protect them from the challenges and obstacles they will soon face as they enter Middle School and just grow up.

Parents are nervous because many of you have never had a middle schooler so you are anxious about this new stage. I want to offer some words of encouragement as you mentally and spiritually prepare. It’s going to be incredible, fun, but will keep you on your toes!

As your child enters middle school, they will face situations and will relate those to questions about what they believe spiritually – Do I lie or not lie, do I cheat on that test or not, Do I love this person or gossip about them, are the words coming out of my mouth pure or filthy…etc. If they haven’t already, they will wrestle with doing the right thing and making choices that reflect what they believe.

My advice to parents is to pray. Pray hard and pray daily.  Be an example. When children face those challenges, they will seek advice and look to you about what to do. Sometimes, they won’t seek advice but will follow the example that you lead at home.  Make sure your example is worthy to be followed. Lastly, make church a priority. They need Christian friends to do life with!

I love your children. I’m joining with you in praying for them this summer. I know they will continue to grow in their relationship with Christ because our student ministry is incredible! These 5th graders will always be special to me! I’m looking forward to a great summer!

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