A Week Ago…

A week ago we were having Sports Camp. I haven’t posted about it because I’m just in awe of our volunteers and just how great God is. I haven’t had the words to express it. I thought about making a top 10 list and that list became 20 and I could keep going…

  1. It may have rained but stopped just in time for sports
  2. All the donations. Our cost for camp was very minimal because of all the donations
  3. Did you see the children singing and dancing? Thanks Paige, Lauren, and Julia.
  4. Rookie and Coach
  5. David Greene stayed for at least an hour to sign heads, arms, shirts, footballs, etc. Rookie signed a few heads and arms too!
  6. Head Coaches – Kim Sexton, Amy Larson, Dana Barnes, Pam Jackson, Murry Bell, Wade Gosa, Bill Batchelor, Steve Sexton, Ryan Lesniak. Did you see how organized our sports were?
  7. Snacks were yummy. Thanks Donna Rector and Debbie Larson for organizing it! I’ve never had blue ice cream until Thursday.
  8. Volunteers had sweet tea from Chick-fil-a all week – thanks Dustin!
  9. Jim and Melinda brought over 50 kids from Gwinnett Estates. Didn’t you just love ministering to these children?
  10. The kids were challenged to bring a friend on Tuesday and bring a can of food on Wednesday. We had 540 kids on Tuesday and over 500 cans of food on Wednesday
  11. Over 600 kids came through Graystone last week.
  12. Chanda Bell and Jennifer Howes teaching!
  13. Andrew Langston videoed each day – thank you!
  14. Did you see the mascots each day? Thanks Cathy Pieper
  15. Greeters and Administration team! Wow – great impressions. Thanks Kay and Lori.
  16. 3 words – Small Group Leaders. Thanks Leigh Ann for being a small group champion and her assistant Brittany Jackson. And no, Leigh Ann is not be sister but my husband’s sister
  17. Kyle and the band members rocked the house
  18. Nate and the air horns.
  19. Kids memorizing memory verses including the kindergartens. In fact Sunday, they could still remember them!
  20. Decorations Team. Didn’t the church look great? Hebron Christian Academy’s cheerleaders made all the signs.
  21. A child said, “These Fields look better then Bay Creek”
  22. Shannon & Kevin Ayers making the tunnels and Wes Smith making the wooden cut outs
  23. Lesli Wright did all online registrations – wow
  24. Superhero

I’ve heard so many comments about the week and they all had the same theme – people. We have the best volunteers. The community and parents were blown away with the amount of volunteers we had each day and their sacrifice to invest in their child. Volunteers is what made sports camp a success. This past Sunday we had so many visitors who came back and I’m praying Graystone will continue to dominate this community with the love of Christ. Thank you volunteers. Get some rest and we will do it again next year!

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