I’m On Vacation Time

Today I will be heading to the beach to rest and relax. I’m very excited about this vacation and I’m not taking a computer! I’m looking forward to eating seafood, getting some sun and reading Take Three and Take Four by Karen Kingsbury. Vacation to me is also a  time to not “take a break from God” but to rest and relax in Him. In the quiet of the waves crashing on the shore, my prayer is that I will be refreshed to do God’s work. I’m specifically praying that God will give me the wisdom and plan for what He wants our children to learn this Fall. I want our Kids to be challenged to grow spiritually. I don’t want to teach a Bible lesson just for the sake of teaching something but I want to follow God’s lead. Vacation is a good time to think, pray, and listen.

I’m also looking forward to vacation so I can spend time with my husband Chris. Chris is an amazing person that supports my calling to full-time children’s ministry. He works hard at his job and often comes home to serve and support our church. He’s one of the biggest servants I know – he’s the one that sits in the recliner cutting out cowboy vests for the Cowboy Stampede party! This week will be a great time for our marriage and will allow us to truly focus on each other!

I’m excited about being at Graystone and thank you for allowing me to take a week away!

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