Good Memories

When I graduated college, God called me to Lawrenceville First Baptist Church to work as the children’s minister. Some of the most loving and wonderful people attend LFBC and they took me in as their own. One lady, Brenda Sue Davis was very inspirational to me. She was the church’s secretary but she wasn’t just any secretary. Brenda Sue ran the church. She basically did everything you could imagine but preach and sing. She loved the church and loved the people. After church on Sunday, I attended her retirement celebration – 47 years at LFBC. Her “handprints” are on everything and especially on the lives she’s touched. I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who is so dedicated to the church – she’s amazing.

While we were at the reception, I saw many old friends and I was able to share how God has led me to Graystone. Chris and I are so blessed. But, we laughed and were amazed as I got to see many of the children that were in my ministry 5 years ago. Several of them participated in our wedding. One 6th grader came up to me and said he would always remember me because of the chocolate fountain at my wedding. Another was baptized last week and another looked down at me because he was so tall!

These are precious memories. I think it’s good to sometimes go back and reflect on where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. I left Sunday afternoon thinking, wow, what an incredible lady but also what an incredible God. I’m so thankful He gave me the opportunity to spend a few years investing in people at LFBC. However, looking back, I think my life was impacted the most.

One thought on “Good Memories

  1. You are so right about Ms. Brenda Sue. She is truly dedicated to her work for the Lord and her committment to the church. A true inspiration to all those that want to be more involoved and serve others-

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