I’m Back

I was asked yesterday why I haven’t blogged lately. I must say that I just hadn’t had long enough to sit down and actually think. Have you ever been that way? For those of you who have been praying for me and keeping up with my journey the last few months, I am almost finished with graduate school. I have 7 more days of student teaching and I’m afraid it’s going to be the longest 7 days of the entire semester! I feel like a child at Christmas – when will it get here! I’m looking forward to getting back to Graystone and only focusing on ministry! Praise the Lord!

I do want to update you on some Christmas plans that is for Graystone Kids! December is going to be the best Christmas yet at Graystone, and I know your children are going to love it! Each Sunday, they will make a special craft in their classrooms! An elf will be at church this Sunday! Parents – bring your cameras! We’ve got special activities planned for the entire month so don’t miss it!

I’m most looking forward to the Christmas musical. We are bringing back the huge Christmas tree. This musical is going to be awesome and our kids have been working hard. We even have costumes this year! If you have a preschooler, I’m sure you can sing all the songs to the Christmas musical too!

Have a great week! (I bought a cinnamon candle and I love the way my house smells)

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