Egg and Sausage Sandwich

I’m sure we all have Christmas traditions that are special to just you. This might sound strange but one of my favorite Christmas traditions is my Dad’s egg and sausage sandwich at midnight. My parents always have cooked for my Mom’s family on Christmas morning. Late on Christmas Eve, my parents begin to prepare the items that they could make ahead of time. My Dad would make egg and sandwich sandwiches for my brothers and me as a little Christmas snack. Now, on any ordinary day it’s just an egg and sausage sandwich but on Christmas Eve it’s amazing! After being married for 3 years, I still go to my parents’ house around midnight, and Dad and I enjoy a yummy sausage and egg sandwich.

What are your Christmas traditions? Do you have any? My husband and I have a Christmas tradition that we always read the Christmas story together before we go to bed on Christmas Day. Traditions don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. I think what makes these traditions so special to me is who they are with! Make traditions with your children this Christmas – a good one could be Graystone Christmas Eve service!

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