Weekend Reminders

I’m super excited about this weekend! We’ve already got the massive Christmas tree on stage and it’s decorated! And now I just have to wait until Saturday. I wanted to remind everyone of what will happen this weekend and what you can expect on Sunday.

Preschool Kids (3 year olds – Kindergarten) will meet at 9:00 a.m. for practice on Saturday. I hope to finish by 10:00 and we will then have a Birthday Party for Jesus. The children will have cake, craft, and a story! It’s so much fun. Even if your child isn’t singing, come for the fun at 10:00! The party will be in the Front Room where the elementary children meet on Sunday mornings.

All Stars (elementary) will meet at 11:00. If your child has a speaking part, they will meet at 10:00. We will practice until 12:30 and have a birthday party for Jesus with lunch and a craft. A $2 donation will be great for lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does my child wear?

Preschoolers need to wear a Christmas outfit but doesn’t have to be dressy. It’s completely up to you! Elementary kids will wear their t-shirts that can be picked up on Saturday and jeans. If they have speaking parts, they should have a costume.

2. What time does my child need to be at church on Sunday?

Please take children to appropriate rooms by 8:45.

3. When will the children perform?

Children will perform at both services. Preschoolers will be at the beginning of each service. After they sing at each service, they will go back to their room. Parents may pick up children after they sing at 11:00 in their room. Please allow children to sing at both services.

4. How can I help?

We need help on Saturday with the birthday party. Also, we will need help lining children up and getting them on and off the stage. E-mail me at katie@graystonechurch.com if you can help!

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