Yabba Dabba, Incredible Day, Lost Sheep


See Mom and Dad I can sit and listen. Love our 2's!

Something you may not know about me is that I was in 4-H and showed sheep. Yes, just like you put cows in a rink at the County Fair, you also put sheep. My dad was the shepherd. We would have to walk and exercise our sheep daily. I loved when the baby lambs were born, however, my dad had to keep careful watch on all the sheep. If one went astray he would have to go find it.

The month of January, children have been learning about the Good Shepherd, Jesus. Sunday we learned how sheep tend to wander off, just like we tend to wander away from Jesus. Students learned how a Good Shepherd sets limits to protect the sheep, and  how Jesus sets limits to protect us from harm. They learned that they will be safe and live the best life if they stay within Jesus’ limits.

The memory verse for All Stars is “All we like sheep have gone astray.” Isaiah 53:6

It was always a great reward when my dad would find a sheep that had wandered off away from the flock. Parents, I hope you’ll share with your children that God’s way is best and we discover that by obeying Him.

SuperKids – If your children are singing Yabba Dabba, it’s not the Flintstones theme song but our new worship music. Julia Howes and Melanie Jackson are leading worship with our little ones and doing a great job!

The memory verse for SuperKids is “let the little children come to me.” Luke 18:16 The motions include:

Let the little children (Motion kids toward you with your hands.)
come (Run in place.) to me. (Point both thumbs to your chest.)
Luke 18:16 (Hold your hands like an open book in front of you.)

SuperKids learned about the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. The focus to the lesson was that I am Special to God. What an incredible concept to teach our children!

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