What Keeps You Up At Night?

Last night I had one of those sleepless nights. I’m not sure if it was the snoring husband beside me or the fact that God is just speaking to my heart. I have had a strong burden for a complete worship experience for our elementary school students. With the help of Ladonna Russell and Laura Laws and all the amazing volunteers, we’ve created a program that I believe is awesome! There are lots of things we could do better but there are many more things that we are doing well! I feel that to truly complete this worship experience we need worship leaders. Now, you might think this is easy to find or just pop in a DVD. While I had one of the best worship experiences on Sunday with a DVD with our kids, they deserve and my desire is to have live music!

Jennifer Howes, Graystone’s Family Pastor, will often ask me “What keeps you up at night?” This is it this week and as I thought about it last night, I realized that I’m not trusting God to provide. Yes, I’ve prayed about it and I’ve sought after this on my own but I don’t think I’ve completely said, “Lord, you will provide and I trust you completely.” Today, I’m trusting God to provide someone or people to lead worship to our children. He is faithful. Will you join me in this prayer? And, when God does provide we can all celebrate together.

So, what keeps you up at night? Is it something that you need to pray about and trust God? When I talked with a friend yesterday, she asked how she could pray for me. Tell others your thoughts, worries, and doubts so they can join with you and pray!

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