Dropping Your Child Off at Church

I am one of three children in my family. I can only imagine how difficult Sunday mornings were for my parents. My mom was a rock star and not only made sure my brothers and I were up and getting ready but she somehow found time to cook an amazing lunch (most of the time roast beef). When I first got married, I thought I would be the awesome wife and get up early on Sundays and have a good home cooked meal waiting after church. That lasted one Sunday! I admire my parents for taking us to church every week even though we would often pull into the parking lot on two wheels! Can you relate?

Something that has been on my mind this week is the phrase “dropping your child off at church.” Parents come in and out of church and drop their children off for an hour. We have amazing volunteers that love each child. We prepare lessons that encourage, teach, and develop a relationship with Christ. But, what happens after that hour? I think parents unintentionally have the “drop my child off at church syndrome”. What I mean is that all children see, learn, or hear about Jesus is in that 1 hour that they are at church. It’s so easy to get busy with work, marriage, practices, etc…that we forget to bring Jesus in to be a part of everything. Are you simply dropping your child off at church and never talking about Jesus with them?

I remember spending hours talking with my parents about Christ and my Dad explaining to me what different verses in the Bible meant. They did not rely on the church to teach me about Jesus. So, how can we as a church, help equip you to not have this syndrome but spend the everyday moments talking about Jesus?

Each Monday, I post memory verses and information about what your child learns each week. Talk about it with your child and memorize the scripture. For our 2’s – kindergarten we have Small Talk sheets for you to take home. On one side is how you can incorporate the lesson into your activities and it also has the memory verse and Bible story on it. Reading the Bible stories in the Bible before bedtime makes for a great bedtime story too! If you need age-appropriate Bibles, check out the Graystone Kids Information Center. We have some available for purchase.

Talk with us. We’d love to help you not have the “dropping your child off at church syndrome.” It’s so easy! Start with Take Home sheets and you’ll be surprised and how God will use you and how it will impact your child’s life for eternity.

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