Kids Can Teach Adults

I think a lot of times adults and even those of us in ministry think that we already know what kids are learning about, or we might think it’s too simple for us to apply to our lives. If you read yesterday’s post, Way To Go God, I wrote about what our children learned Sunday. God really made these topics applicable to my own life yesterday, and I just wanted to share with parents how the Word of God is living and how you too can apply this to your walk with God.

Jesus is my helper is what our preschool children have been learning this month. I wrote that we can teach our children this as we are driving down the road and see people who need help. As I was running outside yesterday, I heard sirens. God spoke to me and the simple truth of 1 Peter 5:7 “He cares for you” came to mind. So, I prayed. I prayed that Jesus would help and care for the needs of the people where the ambulance was going. As you pray for the needs of others and believe that Jesus cares for you and others, your faith will increase and it will be easier to talk about with your kids.

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I was thinking about the Armor of God. There is a real war going on around us and Satan is tempting us to sin. We are in a battle each day between choosing God’s way and believing his truth. Satan has been attacking me with something that might seem very minor but last night I felt that I needed to put on my Belt of Truth and my Breastplate of Righteousness. I spent time in the Word and looking up scriptures that could remind me of the Truth and who God is. I desire to be right with God and I need to use the truth, God’s word, to fight against Satan’s schemes. This morning I wake up ready for the battle. I’m protecting my heart with verses I wrote down from what I read in the Bible last night. As a parent, you have a huge responsibility and you are also in a battle each day. Putting on your armor will not only benefit you but could also impact your family and the decisions you  make.

Hope this is helpful and encouraging to you today.


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