Jesus Loves Me, Baseball & Sports Camp

Loved hanging out with our SuperKids and 3 year olds on Sunday. I was so excited about their lesson and inspired. The children were taught from Matthew 28:16-20 – The Great Commission. They learned that Jesus wants to be everyone’s

Our 3 year olds made megaphones to shout Jesus Loves Me!

friend. Imagine, children listening to the story about Jesus telling his friends (disciples) to go and tell others about Him. The children were given a challenge during the lesson. The teacher whispered in a few children’s ears and the children had to whisper into another child’s ear and “spread the message.” The children spread the message that “Jesus Loves Us” so quickly. What a cool way to show children how quickly the news of how much Jesus Loves Us can spread and how easy it is to tell our friends! The memory verse is “I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20. Thank you Jesus for always being with our children, our families and us. May this give us courage to tell others about you!


It was Movie Day in our All Stars room to complete our Spring Break. We watched the story of Jesus’ final days on Earth. This is a good visual for our students to see that will introduce our lesson this coming Sunday. I’m really looking forward to our Easter lesson called It’s Alive!


SuperKids making Friendship Bracelets with Fruit Loops to remember that Jesus Loves Everyone!

I spent some time at Bay Creek last night and I have to brag on our Graystone Kids. They were awesome! Blake Russell hit a grand slam to win the game. I enjoyed watching the Pony League (I think it’s called) as several dads coached their children and Hudson Dudish got the game ball! Plus, the late night game of another team filled with Graystone Kids pulled out a victory and Trey Messer received the game ball!


Speaking of sports, Sports Camp 2011 is quickly approaching. Registration begins this Sunday! Hope you’re making plans to attend!

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