What a day!

Our precious Graystone Kid with a bunny painted by our amazing artists!

What an incredible day yesterday! I didn’t sleep much last night because I was so wired from Sunday’s activities. Sunday morning was amazing. We had more children than we’ve ever had – Praise God! I just can’t wait to see what God does Easter Sunday. I am so excited I could type the rest of this message in all CAPS!

Our preschoolers talked about Jesus’ Triumphal Entry from Matthew 21:1-11. The memory verse for April is “I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20. I loved seeing their palm leaves and donkeys!

All Stars discussed Jesus’ death on the cross and the empty grave. This coming Sunday we will celebrate that Jesus is ALIVE! Doesn’t that just get you excited! And, we are beginning a new club for Graystone’s cool kids called G 45 (Stands for Graystone 4th and 5th Graders). They will go into the frontroom for games and worship and will move to the preschool hall for their own teaching and small group. Parents can pick them up in their new room! This will be a great place for our 4th and 5th graders and it will allow us to go deeper in scripture and teaching!

Awesome job Joelan for being Graystone's bunny.

I can’t forget to mention the Easter Egg-stravaganza! Where did all the people come from? I hope you had a great experience and enjoyed being with your family! We have the best volunteers and I want to thank everyone for their help. We could NOT have done it without our student ministry! Our teens were amazing yesterday and I appreciate their help!

Please join me in praying for our children this week! My prayer is they truly understand the amazing love Jesus has for them and He is Alive and wants to be their Forever Friend! Have a great week!

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