What a day Part II

I’ve often laughed how we say “this was the biggest day yet” or the “biggest event ever” and yet God continues to bless and trust us with His people and it keeps getting bigger! I’ll be honest and tell you I couldn’t sleep Saturday night. I was so pumped about Sunday morning and I anxiously awaited kids like a child awaits for Santa! What a day!

My prayer Sunday was that our volunteers would boldly and lovingly share Jesus with each child. Our preschoolers learned that Jesus Loves Me and that He is alive! Our 1st-3rd graders took a different perspective and made slime to exemplify that Jesus is Alive! I was so excited about kicking off our new g45 class for the 4th and 5th graders. Yes, this stands for Graystone 4th and 5th. This will be their space to hang out and I hoping for great spiritual growth.

And, I can’t forget about the incredible worship. I loved watching children shouting Hosanna as they played their air guitars and drums. Our elementary school kids had awesome worship and you could just feel the spirit moving. This excites me and I hope it excites you. Thank you, thank you, thank you to amazing volunteers who also served on Easter. We appreciate you so much! So, what’s next?

We’ve got Sports Camp coming up and a new series for our children. If you haven’t registered for sports camp, click here. Hang on because as you are winding down the school year, we are just ramping up for Summer!

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