Star Wars

My nephew Cade.

Last week, my 7-year-old nephew, Cade, had a musical at his school. The 1st graders sang about different things they had learned about such as Dr. Seuss, colors of the rainbow, and loud and soft sounds. Cade is the first grandchild in my family, and he’s precious to me. Cade also loves Star Wars. I don’t think love is the word to use. He reads about it, colors, watches the appropriate movies/tv shows, asks lots of questions, and of course plays constantly with his Star Wars figures.

At the musical, he was given several instruments to play and a streamer to wave. What did he do with each of the items? They quickly became a lightsaber. Now, he wasn’t being distracting or causing a scene but he quietly to himself became Luke Skywalker. As an aunt, it was so funny.

Anyone there knew that Cade loved Star Wars. He reflected his love for Star Wars by his actions. As I thought about him and reflected on our amazing Easter services, I pray that when people look at me they know I love Jesus. I was at the ball field last night. Could people see by my actions, words, and how I spend my time that Jesus is the most important thing to me? Do I let other “things” distract me from what really matters for eternity or do I get in such a hurry sometimes that I neglect to reflect Jesus’ love. Cade challenged me and I thought I would challenge you today. Like the Joy Williams song goes,

“Do they see Jesus in me. Do they recognize Your Face. Do I communicate Your love and your grace. Do I reflect who you are in the way I choose to me. Do they see, Jesus in me.”

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