Friend Day and Day 1 Recap

If your child is jumping a lot, sweaty, and smiling then they might have encountered Sports Camp 2011. We had a great day yesterday and I’m so grateful for all our volunteers. They are amazing! This week we are taking a journey through the life of Paul and will learn how to JUMP and put our faith in motion. So, what did the children learn today?

Our children were asked what is faith. When we say that you have faith in something, it doesn’t mean that you believe without reason. You make the choice to believe in something based on information that you already know. In other words, you can believe in something you can’t see because of what you can see. The children heard the story of how Saul was walking on the road to Damascus. Saul opposed everything about Jesus and hated people who believed in Jesus. Saul was blinded by God while he was walking and had an amazing encounter with Jesus.

Saul writes in Philippians 3:7-8 this:

I thought things like that were for my benefit. But now I consider them to be nothing because of Christ. Even more, I consider everything to be nothing compared to knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. To know him is the best thing of all.

Saul thought that he knew everything there was to know about God, until he met Jesus. Then the way he thought about God changed forever. So I’m sure if you could ask Saul now the question, “Who is God?” he would say:

If you want to know who God is, find out more about Jesus.

The memory verse for today is ” “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered.” Mark 11:22. Today is Friend Day. Who are you bringing?

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