Day 3 – Laughing, Screaming, and Dancing

This week has been so much fun. The staff has told me all week how great our kids at Graystone are. They have been respectful and just a lot of fun to be around. I laughed so much yesterday. We are have a great time at camp. Remember, if you haven’t heard from your child, they are having too much fun!

Some of my favorite quotes and highlights of the day:

  • To a lunchroom lady: “You ladies are awesome.” (Our kids are eating great)
  • The camp pastor is a Georgia fan and a Braves fan. Yes, Graystone Church broke out the tomahawk chop – Just our kids.
  • “Drink it, drink it, drink it.” This is what you would have heard from our boys as they would surround staffers to drink hot sauce.
  • Many of our girls got their fingernails painted.
  • Snowcones! Love snowcones
  • Our kids sang “Our God” at the top of their lungs tonight.
  • “Did you know Mr. Slade was my giant pet.”
  • To a staffer describing Graystone: “Graystone is so awesome, everyone knows about us.”
  • “You just got gorillaed.”
  • “Ms. Katie if you have a kid, you should name it Billy Bob Joe Billy Bob Charles.” Perfect name!

Tonight we talked about Esther and how God Provides a Calling for us. We are created to shine our light for Jesus Christ. How can you as parents shine your light? How can you encourage children to shine their lights. I talked with many kids tonight and God is preparing them for amazing callings! As parents and a church, we have a responsibility to make sure we are challenging them to grow in their faith and relationship with Christ so they do follow God’s amazing plan for their lives.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It’s OMC (organized mass chaos) and I don’t think the kids know what kind of fun they are in for. I also wanted to share with you a video of our leaders from Graystone laughing, dancing, and having fun. They are amazing and I’m so grateful for them spending the week with us. I’m not sure who is having more fun, them or the kids! I’m blessed by them and your children are too!

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