Farewell to 5th Grade

I remember when I finished 5th grade. I was really excited about middle school. It was time and I felt grown up. Last night, we took the Graystone bus and carried our 5th graders to celebrate their upcoming adventure – Middle School. After all the parents had picked up their children, and Chris, my husband, and I were on our way home, I looked at him and expressed how sad I was that these kids are leaving our children’s ministry.

We spent the rest of the ride home talking about each child and reflecting how we’ve grown to love each of them in a special way. They’ve become a part of our lives. I truly love my job and these 5th graders are so special to me. One thing I love about this group is that many of them go to different schools but they have learned about community. They didn’t know each other before this year and I’ve seen them grow in their friendships. It’s been really amazing to watch.

As they prepare this week for Middle School, I am anxious for them. So, I do only what I know how to, I pray. I pray for their school year, teachers, friendships, families, purity, and their relationships with Christ. My heart is so heavy for them today. I’ve seen each of them grow in the relationship with Christ this past year and I pray they will keep focused on the prize! And, so I pray. Will you join me?

It was too dark for a picture but we had a lot of fun!




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