He Loves Us

As I’ve said before, I’m not good at remembering dates. I have to write everything down. I just returned home from eating with my in-laws. We often eat with family throughout the week and I’m grateful that both of our families live close by. Tonight, we celebrated my husband and how God still performs miracles. Five years ago today Chris, my husband, was hit by an 18-wheeler and was ruled as a fatality. The emotions from that day are still so real.

Today, I’m overwhelmed by God’s love for us. This week I’ve talked with multiple people asking me to pray for loved ones and those that need healing. My hope is in the Lord because I know my God saves, He’s Powerful, and He still heals. One of our members posted this video on her Facebook page this evening. I had forgotten about this video that Chris and many others shared in. Some of them are precious children that are so dear to me, some are families that couldn’t have children and now I get to hug these children every week, some have suffered great loss while others have worked through addictions.

I’m so grateful for the reminders of God’s amazing Love He has for his children. I’m so thankful He saved me. Now it’s up to you and me to share that love with others. Check out the video and go plant some seeds.

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