We are that church…

We are that church that brings snakes, turtles, lizards, and alligators for our kids. It was a blast and the children loved it. But, I was most amazed at the adults who wanted to touch the animals and the ones who stayed as far back as they could from the snakes. If you have ideas about other shows that families would enjoy, let me know!

Sunday was a great day. I challenge you if you weren’t at Graystone to listen to Jonathan’s message this week on prayer. For the last 3 weeks, volunteers have been meeting together to pray before the services begin each Sunday. I love these few moments to be quiet before God! Check out this page on our Web site to send out a prayer request or to pray for others.

Our preschool and kindergarten kids finished the month learning about Moses. The Israelites had to work hard and make bricks all day for Pharaoh. Moses cried to God to help the Israelites, and He said He would help them. God can help us do anything was the bottom line. I’ve enjoyed listening to many Graystone Kids reciting their memory verse this month. It’s music to my ears! Way to go Parents!!

Elementary students are on their second week of a series called Survive and Conquer. Sunday they learned that the Bible guides us to make right choices.  The Bible is our ultimate guide to survive and conquer because every day we will come across questions that need answers or problems that need a solution.

Have a great week!

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