Christmas in the Village

Sunday night our 1st-5th grade students met for the first rehearsal for the Christmas program. I know this is ambitious but I think this will be the best one yet! Make sure you have your calendar marked for December 18th. We used every room in the Village tonight for practice. I was so grateful to have the space so our teens could have plenty of space in the building as well. Rusty and I were discussing last week how we would decorate for Christmas in the Village. Let me know of any ideas!

This morning was great. The staff often will ask me how are attendance looks because I can estimate depending on how full or empty our classrooms are. I actually said after first service, we must be down today because most of our rooms weren’t overcrowded. Nope! We had the largest crowd we’ve had in while! Why did the rooms not look overcrowded? You guessed it, the Village.

As I visited rooms, volunteers were so excited and thrilled to be able to get to know your child and spend quality time with them. The impact the Village has on our children and volunteers is priceless. The g45 room had nearly 50 students 2nd service. There is no way that many could have fit in the other room. Have you ever seen the movie Field of Dreams? It reminds of the saying, “if you build it, they will come.”

I still have Christmas music in my head from Sunday night’s practice. I think there needs to be icicle lights for Christmas in the Village!


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