No place like home

Last night I went home. Not really “home” but to a special place that truly taught me great lessons. It’s a place that God used me when I was a little 22-year-old to prepare me for where I am today (and it’s the place I met my husband). Lawrenceville First Baptist Church called me as their Children’s Director when I was fresh out of college. What were they thinking? I was working full-time at Gwinnett Medical Center and I had enough energy to serve on staff at LFBC too.

I loved it. I’m so grateful for my time at LFBC. LFBC has an annual Christmas tea, and I look forward to it each year.  Last night, I spent an hour seeing precious faces that mean so much to me. I have so many memories with each of them. This was the church that really took care of me, prayed for me, fed me yummy meals, and just truly loved me. They walked with me when Chris had his terrible accident. The entire church celebrated with us when we announced our engagement and filled the pews at our wedding.

As I sat at a table and looked around the room, I thought how good it felt to be home. The lessons I learned prepared me for where I’m at today. This precious church was placed in my life only for a season but will always have a special place in my heart. Sometimes I think we don’t realize how far we’ve come or what we’ve learned unless we look back and reflect on where we came from. This is what I’m thankful for today!

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