That Fancy Word Called Advent

What does the word advent mean? The word advent means coming. So why on Facebook or sometimes in churches you hear people refer to the advent candle or advent season? Simply put, for us it’s celebrating Jesus coming to earth. Before Jesus was born, people longed for God to send the salvation that they so desperately needed. They were waiting on Jesus to come.

At Christmas we celebrate that God did send His Son Jesus. Advent is usually four Sundays leading up to December 25th. I think advent season is a fun way in your home to teach your children about Jesus and the reason we celebrate Christmas. Day 1 of the season began yesterday but you’re not too late to take advantage of this FREE resource.

Don’t get concerned about feeling like you’re a terrible parent if you don’t participate or if you skip a day. Use this resource at your leisure to share Christ with your children. Parents often ask me for devotionals kids can read and this is what I would recommend for the next 4 weeks. It has Bible verses to go along with it. This encourages me to take a few moments away from the crazy holiday season and focus on what’s most important!



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