Day 1 – We Made It

Maybe when I’m 60 I won’t say this, but I LOVE camp. It was Centri-Kid camp 8 years ago that God began molding my heart to answer His calling to full-time children’s ministry. I’ve seen so many lives changed because of camp. I’m burdened every summer for children and families. My prayer is that our gKids and leaders won’t return home the same way we left. I’m so excited about our group that we brought to HOT, Anderson Univeristy. Below are some pictures from Day 1. Check back daily for updates and pictures.

We all made it safe and the AC works. Plus, and I don’t mean to brag, but I don’t have to share a bathroom with stinky kids! Kids always keep me entertained but I have to say my favorite quote of the day is from one of our leaders: “What did I get myself into.” Pray for our leaders: Brie Neuhart, Kathryn Crane, Sammie Ernst, Kelsey Wenum, Bodie Dickerson, and Paul McCrea. Pray for me as I’m not feeling well and want so badly to be 100% here for our kids. I could not have asked for a better team of leaders. We are taking care of your kids!

Pray for the staff at Centri-Kid. This week is the largest camp at this location with over 700 kids and it’s hot. We’ll keep sunscreen on them and plenty of fluids (don’t worry mom). We love your children and it’s been a great first day.  Also, a BIG thank you goes to our drivers: Jenny Brice, Shari Eberhart, and Ladonna Russell.

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