Day 2 – I’ve never laughed so hard

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Today was so much fun with your child. We started the morning with breakfast, worship time, and Bible study. The students learned today about Making Wise Choices. We talked tonight during worship that we must be determined (doing whatever it takes) to make the right choice. Aren’t you glad Jesus was so determined to die on the cross for us? Please pray with me that our kids will decide this week to make the most important choice – a relationship with Christ. For others, it’s exploring the choices we make and making sure they bring glory to Christ. We will see Wednesday morning if our kids made the right choice and went to sleep!

We had so much fun at track times and rec too. No one got sunburned and we are eating plenty of yummy ice cream!  My favorite time was after dinner tonight. We had about an hour to hang with just our church. This is rare because they keep us so busy. All of our kids have been so respectful and wonderful. As a leader, they’ve been tons of fun to be with. We placed the kids in groups and gave them objects they had to act out. The last object was all the Graystone leaders. Click on the Videos below to see a few. Most of the videos had so much laughter with it that you couldn’t hear and it might just be really funny to us and your children can explain them when we get home.

Katie & Bodie Impersonations
Brie & Sammie
Brie & The Men

Thanks for letting us have your child this week. They all say “Hi Mom & Dad and Love You.” If you haven’t heard from them, that’s a good sign so don’t worry! We are all doing great!

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