No Place Like Home

The picture above is old school. It’s one of my Senior pictures from high school – Monroe Area High School. My entire family graduated from Monroe – both my parents and older siblings. There was nothing prouder than being a Purple Hurricane, especially when we would beat the Loganville Red Devils. We were all athletes and my dad and each of my brothers still hold athletic records. My mom has taught in Walton County for over 35 years.

Yesterday, Jonathan announced that Graystone Church would launch a church in Monroe on March 3rd. As we watched the video there were pictures of Grayson, Loganville and then Monroe. To so many people Monroe is just a place but to me as I think about a church plant, I see faces. I see faces of all the classmates, teachers, friends, etc. that I knew who don’t know Jesus. Graystone will not only dominate the Grayson community but will dominate my hometown with the love of Jesus. I’ll lead a team of Graystone Kids @ Monroe  that will reach children of people I knew and children will reach moms and dads. I can’t wait. I’m praying for the faces. I hope you are praying if God will send you to the place.

3 thoughts on “No Place Like Home

  1. What an awesome connection Katie! I know you are pumped!! So glad the kids of Monroe will be able to experience your own Love for Jesus!!! You are a great role model and teacher!!!

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