gKids Volunteers Take Gold

I love watching the Olympics. Some of my friends got together to watch the Opening Ceremonies and I don’t think my television has moved from channel 11 since it started. My favorite sports are gymnastics and swimming, but all the athletes are so impressive. Did you see the guy from South Africa running without legs? These athletes are dedicated and passionate about what they want to achieve and all have one goal in mind – take the gold!

In the spirit of the Olympics, we will be celebrating our volunteers on Sunday. gKids Volunteers are amazing and they deserve a Gold Medal each week! In the kids’ space, we will be serving Gold Treats, Yummy USA Cake Pops, and the Official Drink of the Olympic Games! If you serve in gKids, stop by the table and let us thank you! You serve each week with one goal in mind – create a fun and exciting environment to teach children about Jesus.

I also want to recognize one of our most faithful volunteers, Brittany Jackson. Brittany just graduated from Grayson High School and will be attending Kennesaw State University. She leaves for college next week and Sunday will be her last day serving with our elementary students. Brittany’s handprints are on so many of our children. She has taught and invested in gKids for over 6 years every Sunday. Brittany loves Jesus and I know God has amazing plans for her life. She definitely deserves a Gold Medal and our prayers as she embarks on this exciting adventure. Join me in praying for her. She’s leaving us with big shoes to fill at 9:00 a.m.! Good luck Brittany!

One thought on “gKids Volunteers Take Gold

  1. And I think you deserve a triple double dooper gold! We didn’t get to chat much but just know if there is ever a time you and Chris need a spot (or just you!) for a day or whatever, you are welcome here. Some pretty good fishing not too far away in the Cullasaja River…………just keep it in mind!

    Much love, ms pat

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