Parents, Get a Cue

One of my favorite things is listening to children tell me about Jesus or recite something they have learned from church or school. It brings my heart so much joy! I love hearing stories from parents too about how a child retells a story they learn or when they ask hard questions like “God made me so who made God.”

This month in preschool our children have been learning that “God Loves Me.” Sunday we studied the Lost Sheep story in Matthew 18. One sheep was lost (hidden in the room) and we had to find it! Now, how does that apply to God Loves Me? Just like the shepherd loves his sheep, God loves us so much more!

I talked to a parent of a gKid this week and her daughter asked to make sheep so they could find them. She had been playing “find the lost sheep” for two days! I loved the story so much, I had to get a picture of her sheep (see above).

If you’re a parent you might be thinking: how in the world do I talk to my kids about Jesus, I don’t know the Bible very well and I’ve never heard the Lost Sheep story, or I don’t know how old God is or what He looks like (also include the thousands of Why questions)!

Let me help you out. Answer 1 – Did you know we have Parent Cues for you to pick up each week? These help you apply the lesson at home with your child. It has a summary of the Bible story and memory verse! Answer 2 – It’s okay if you don’t know the Bible very well. Even if you do, these Parent Cues tell the scripture of where our lesson comes from in the Bible. Wouldn’t it be so cool if you are reading what your child is learning about on Sundays? Whoa – that excites me! Answer 3 – The best answer for crazy questions…”Johnny, when you get to heaven you can ask God.”


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