Children’s Small Group

This past Sunday, our kindergarten – 3rd grade students continued learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. We focused our time on JOY. This fruit is sweet no matter what circumstances in your life may be. It comes from knowing Jesus deep down in your heart. We sang our fruit of the Spirit song (which you can view below), made puzzles, and even raced to get our memory verse pieces in order. It’s been a great time of fun and fellowship with our younger elementary kids!

Our g45 kids are walking through the Old Testament. We are opening the Bible and learning how to look up verses and how stories relate to each other. It’s been so much fun! This week we are learning about Jacob, Esau, and Joseph. Whew! It’s a jammed packed, fun hour. I’m looking forward to teaching how they all connect to Abraham too (learned about him last week). I love how scripture is an awesome story and desire for our g45 kids to be interested in learning from God’s word. Join us Sunday nights from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

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