Thoughts about the weekend’s tragedy

I think we’ve all experienced heavy hearts the last few days. I’ve never been so grateful for the hope I have in Christ. As Christians our Hope is that we have Heaven. We know this is not our home and our hearts long for the place that God has prepared for us. But until then, we must be light in the darkness and share this Hope that we have.

I talked to many parents yesterday, and I wanted to give parents a few ideas of how to talk to your children about the shooting in Connecticut. There are lots of resources about what to say how to say it available. However, this is my random thought list that I just wanted to share and I hope it helps you sort your emotions.

First, turn off the television. What I have seen and read replay over and over in my mind. Our children cannot handle it so turn it off.

Be Age-Appropriate: Talk to your children in age appropriate language and details. A young child can only comprehend and handle so much and what you talk about with your 6-year-old is different then what you’d talk about with your 16-year-old. You know your child and you know how they think and how their little minds work. Be open to having a conversation.

Be Honest:  School started back today and kids talk. They may come home today with questions. Answer their questions and don’t lie to them about what happened. However, they don’t need a lot of details. It’s okay to tell them that you are very sad and heartbroken. It’s okay for them to know that you are experiencing the same feelings. It’s normal for you and them to feel sad and mad.

Be Reassuring: The Bible is 100% true. We believe what it says. Sometimes the only way my heart finds rest is when the Word reassures my soul. Share it’s truths with your child. God is love (1John 4:8) God is with us (Matthew 1:23) Tell God about it if you’re scared (1Peter 5:7) and the list goes on.Be Hopeful: It’s the Christmas story. John 3:16. We all need Jesus but thank God we have Hope.
As a parent, you have the hardest job. Graystone Church is here to help you. Praying for your families and the safety of your children.

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