Graystone @ Cooper Elementary every Tuesday

ImageTwo years ago we were given the opportunity to go into Grayson Elementary School every Tuesday after school and teach about Jesus. God has been faithful and provided volunteers, funding, and kids. We have the largest club in Gwinnett County with over 90 children involved.

This past spring we started praying about other schools and God led us to Cooper Elementary School. In June we received confirmation that we can begin a Good News Club on Tuesdays at Cooper Elementary. It’s been amazing to see how God has orchestrated it all.

If you heard Jim’s message yesterday, he encouraged us all to go outside the walls of Graystone Church and share God’s love. This is an incredible opportunity for you to join us on Tuesdays – every week, biweekly, or once a month and pour God’s love into children! Over the past two years, we’ve seen dozens commit their lives to Christ.

If you’d like more information about Good News Club and how you can get involved at Grayson Elementary or Cooper Elementary, e-mail Brie at

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