Rolling out on Sunday

On Sunday 50 kids and 9 adults will be headed to Anderson, South Carolina for Centri-Kid! For many it’s the first time being away from home and for others they are so excited because they know we will cover them in shaving cream!

I look forward to camp with so much anticipation. I pray lives are changed and children get a sweet taste of their Savior’s love for them. I anticipate a worship experience in which as an adult, you just want to sit down and listen to children singing to God. There’s nothing more precious. I wish I could capture it in a jar. I just imagine God’s delight in listening to the voices of his children. So, pray first for children from both campuses – and for anxious parents!

Pray for our chaperones: Brie Neuhart, Carolyn Mills, Sammie Ernst, Alex Matza, Bodie Dickerson, Paul McCrea, Eric McKnight, Eric Carnes and myself. We ask for your prayers as we will be intentional in loving kids. Pray God will protect our families at home. Pray we all remain healthy and have that extra energy needed!

Pray for Anderson University and the Centri-Kid staff. They are pouring into thousands of kids this summer. Pray that they are at their best when we pull in Sunday. Pray they’ll love our kids just as much as we do!

It’s a privilege to serve with these families. It’s going to be an awesome week. Anticipate with us and pray!

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