Sports Camp Eve

It’s the Eve before Sports Camp. I have the usual jitters. This is my 6th Sports Camp at Graystone and sometimes it feels like my first. As I’m praying over camp in my rocking chair on the front porch, I see God in His creation – lighting bugs, the full moon, birds singing. I love how God quiets my heart and I can sit still in his presence.

Getting ready for Easter, God really painted a picture of this verse in my head: “But when the chief priests and the teachers of the law saw the wonderful things he did and the children shouting in the temple courts, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David,’….” Matthew 21:15. Jesus has just made a triumphal entry into Jerusalem and he is angered by what is going on at the temple. However, at the temple and in the chaos children are shouting Hosanna! I can just imagine Jesus is coming in on a donkey and children, not just adults, are waving branches and just running barefoot after Jesus screaming. Can’t you hear the giggles? They were so excited!  So excited they couldn’t contain it. So excited they were shouting!

I can picture my daughter Anna in this verse and it becomes so precious to me. She is 17 months and full of energy. Last night she was running so fast and so hard she ran into the door which results in an instant meltdown. My desire and prayer is that Anna runs with everything she has and shouts, “Hosanna, Savior, You are my Lord.” I can see her waving her palm branch and just running – barefoot, leaving whatever she’s doing and just running after Jesus! My prayer daily is that she knows her Savior and just praises him.

This is my prayer for your child too. I’m putting faces of other children with my Anna. This gives me a knot in my throat. This week we are going to shout. We are going to be loud, have fun, and shout Hosanna to our Lord as I can only imagine these children did when they encountered Jesus face-to-face. We’ve got a huge responsibility this week – running along side with these kids and showing them where they can meet their Savior!

See you tomorrow.

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