Day 3 – Wet Clothes

The Lord knows how to take care of us by sending rain to cool us off! The weather has been perfect but beware of wet clothes from the rain! We are having a great time and you would be proud of your child! Our Graystone Kids are the best!

Today we had so much fun during tracks, hang time, Bible studies, and our church group time with a camp fire! However, my favorite part of the day was hearing 700 kids singing praises to God. I can’t begin to describe to you how authentic and precious it sounded. I know God delighted in the songs of His children. I can’t help but think about Heaven one day!

We learned about prayer today. P – praise God, R – tell your requests to God, A – Admit that you sin, Y – Yield to God and allow Him to walk in front of you and guide you in his ways. Join us in praying for our kids. They are being challenged with simple but awesome truths.

Tomorrow is OMC. It’s the most anticipated day of camp. Keep praying for us!

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