Today I’m Thankful For

1534726_10207607286813345_7941444483188213596_oI love looking at Facebook memories. It’s fun to see things that happened this time last year but also to see how my children have grown and changed. For me it’s a good reminder to praise God for the journey I’ve been on.

The picture today was a memory from a year ago of my then 2 year-old daughter announcing that we were expecting our second child, Brooks. Now this might not be a huge deal to most, but to me it’s a priceless picture.

In 2012, my husband and I were faced with something we never thought we would have to encounter. We were told that children were not a possibility. Doctors said there was no hope and to not waste our time with specialists. You can watch our little story here, around 27 minutes. Our worlds were rocked and hearts were broken. Many days I would cry and beg the Lord to give us a child. After almost 2 years, we were blessed with our first little miracle, Anna Elizabeth. This past August we were blessed again with a son, John Brooks. After Anna was born, one of our specialist called my husband and asked if he could use our story in a case study – it had never been successful before! Yeah, that’s God!

Sometimes God gives us the desires of our hearts and sometimes he gives us other avenues. It’s not always without heartache or easy. But one thing I have learned – He is faithful. He is faithful to never leave us, always hear us, and always, ALWAYS love us!

After Brooks was born, a precious friend gave me a treasured present. Great Is Thy Faithfulness – it’s a reminder that this world is tough and life is hard. Many of you are going through some tough, terrible stuff. Some may be struggling with infertility, financial struggles, terrible sickness, or the loss of a loved one. I wish I could wave a magic wand and take it all away – many times I wanted to magically take my pain away – but I can’t. So, I’ll encourage you with this picture. Today, I’m remembering the past, holding my babies a little closer (might celebrate with ice cream) and humming the old hymn…


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